Victor mateos Arellano.

Kunst am Bauzaum.
Auf reges Interesse stoßen die zusammengeschnittenen Menschen-Collagen, die zusammengeschnittenen Menschen-Collagen, die eine Bretterwand in der Nähe der Fachhochschule am Holyturm bevölkern. Geschaffen hat die street Art der Künstler und Tänzer MTS als Abschiedsgeschenk an Mainz. MTS ist auf dem sprung in die USA.
Stefan Sämmer.

Arellano has a precision and timing so accurate that it’s as if he is a half-beat ahead of each note. With acute alacrity, he approaches each move with tangible lightness and joy. And, in turn, light seems to sparkle off him as if blessed by the gods. Arellano is a rare talent without coming off as a demigod within King’s egalitarian choreography. He is a destination dancer, a must-see, and a career worth following.

David Moreno, Culture vulture.

Victor Mateos Arellano from the Ullate School in Madrid to launch the proceedings, materializing from beneath a peculiar tubular curtain and captivating the audience with a fabulous propulsive quality that will be reiterated by everyone throughout the ballet. You see a lot of ballet vocabulary, but it’s passed through a Kingian filter that seems to elongate the extensions, add spring to the leaps, articulate the frequent moves into a modified passé, the leg often as not appearing in front rather than to the side of the standing leg. The dancers’ aplomb is superb.

Janice Berman, Dance magazine.